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Our Approach

Sush Mobile develops digital solutions for start-ups, business and enterprise organisations.


Product Management

We will work with you to define product strategy. Our product team will understand your vision and goals, take your idea and ensure there is a commercial success story behind it by assessing the feasibility, viability and desirability of the solution to the defined business problem.


Our philosophy is driven by visual aesthetics, cognitive fluency and simplicity with a touch of wow factor. Our vision is to build award-winning mobile experiences in every app for every customer.


We are strong believers in the power of native mobile development. Our collaborative environment supports the sharing and cross-pollination of ideas, but never the pureness of our code.

QA & Support

Modern development rarely has a fixed ending - ongoing quality assurance is imperative for successful product development. Our agile methodology ensures QC occurs throughout the development lifecycle.

Project Management

We capture business requirements, design the solution architecture and manage the project end-to-end. Sush Mobile offers the services across the entire software development life cycle.

Product Strategy

We take the time to get to know your business and goals through real conversations and design workshops. From ideation to execution, we strive to create an innovative end-to-end product.

Mobile Envisioning
We take the time to understand your business & the opportunity you are trying to solve for.
Solution Definition
We capture the entire end to end solution from target audience to how the app will be developed.
Scoping Workshops
We will facilitate a series of scoping workshops where we collaborate, ideate & conceptualise the solution.
We provide consultancy for return on investment, pricing, roadmaps and go-to-market strategies.


Our team of expert UI/UX designers have adopted goal-directed design techniques, which enables us to focus on the overall user experience, not just the set of features. As a software company, our core strength is in our experienced in-house development resources. 

User Research
User Testing
Interaction Design
User Experience
Visual Design

app design


At Sush Mobile, the software solutions we develop must work for our customers and meet the business requirements of our customers. Often times our customers are using existing systems. It is not always easy or practical to migrate to newer systems. That’s why we’re proud that we have development resources capable of working with both legacy as well as modern database systems and coding languages.

We develop iOS mobile apps. Our team of expert developers work independently, yet harmoniously to ensure that the experience is a perfect match on all platforms.
Mobile solutions often require a web component, whether it be an Admin Portal or CMS, our team can create responsive websites to complement the mobile apps.
We develop android mobile apps that are optimised for performance, security and privacy. Demonstrate innovative use of interaction patterns for consistent visual design and intuitive UX.
API and Integration
Every business has a unique technology stack, so we will work with you to ensure that we have the right solution covered for APIs, 3rd party services integration and hosting.

QA & Support

Mobile support requires a different mindset: “Mobile + App” not just “App”. Our solutions are tested end-to-end for reliability and quality assurance before shipping.

Quality Assurance
We use regression testing & automated testing to validate functionality and report bugs across various environments, which are then incorporated back into unit and UI tests.
Once all formal phases of the development & testing have been complete, we will back our apps with a Warranty period, ensuring peace of mind during the product launch.
User Acceptance Testing (UAT) gives our clients the opportunity to test our products within their business & focus groups to ensure they are happy with the overall experience.
Service Level Agreements
Our Service Desk team offers ongoing support, providing a safety net against any unforeseen incidents and ensuring products are future proof against software upgrades.

Project Management & Business Solutions

Our team of certified Agile practitioners conduct projects in a scrum style environment. Agile is ideal when you are working in environments with many variables, developing complex solutions. Therefore, Agile is suited to app development where you are dealing with issues such as: online/offline capability, data storage capability, security, memory capacity, device variety and diverse operating systems which exist in the mobile space.

Quality comes first
Transparent communication
Focus on the business needs
High degree of collaboration
On time delivery
Frequent product deliveries